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Disposable Polypectomy Snares(crescent)
Disposable Polypectomy Snares(crescent)
Product Detail

Products Features:

1. The control handle can make the snare rotate synchronously and effectively improve the

success rate of the operation.

2.Using imported special high-strength medical stainless steel wire material, cutting faster, Smoother and more uniform, effectively reducing bleeding damage.

3.The specifications and models are rich and varied to meet the various clinical needs of doctors.

4.It is compatible with all mainstream high-frequency electrical devices on the market.

Model Shape of Loop Diameter of outer tube (mm) Length Loop Width
ATE-QTQ-BY-23×(1600/1800/2300)×10 Crescent 2.3 (1600/1800/2300) 10
ATE-QTQ-BY-23×(1600/1800/2300)×15 Crescent 2.3 (1600/1800/2300) 15
ATE-QTQ-BY-23×(1600/1800/2300)×20 Crescent 2.3 (1600/1800/2300) 20
ATE-QTQ-BY-23×(1600/1800/2300)×25 Crescent


(1600/1800/2300) 25
ATE-QTQ-BY-23×(1600/1800/2300)×30 Crescent




ATE-QTQ-BY-23×(1600/1800/2300)×35 Crescent


(1600/1800/2300) 35
ATE-QTQ-BY-18×(1600/1800)×10/15 Crescent 1.8 (1600/1800) 10/15


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