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Instructions for use and effectiveness of pray catheters
 May 10, 2021|View:444

Spray catheters are generally Class II devices and are disposable anesthetic spray tubes. It includes: a joint head, a catheter and a ball head, said joint head has a conical inner cavity that can be matched with the head end of a syringe, said catheter has an elongated hollow cavity, said hollow cavity is connected with the inner cavity of the joint head, said ball head has a holding cavity connected with the hollow cavity of the catheter, said ball head has a number of spray holes evenly opened on the wall of the head connected with the holding cavity. On the one hand, it has a simple structure, easy to use, will not stab the patient, uniform spraying in all directions, receiving a large drug surface, good anesthesia effect, and on the other hand, the fluorescent part can make the field of vision at the drug application more bright, easy for the surgeon to operate. Specifically related to a spray drug delivery catheter, more precisely related to a catheter for the human pipeline, body cavity or deep tissue organs in the spray mist drug.

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In the existing clinical medical technology, spray catheters have been used for diagnosis and treatment of some diseases, such as endotracheal injection therapy under fibrinoscopy and local spray therapy of gastrointestinal tract under gastroscopy. The catheters used in the above treatments are ordinary drug-injectable catheters with large orifices, and the drug injected is not in the form of mist, so there are some shortcomings, such as (1) the amount of liquid injected in the endotracheal injection therapy under fibrinoscopy is limited, the drug concentration is high, irritation is high, and side effects are easily produced; (2) the drug flows to the low bronchi and lungs under the influence of gravity, i.e., the drug is unevenly distributed, which affects the efficacy; (3) it may lead to partial (3) may lead to partial pulmonary atelectasis; (2) when spraying drugs locally in the gastrointestinal tract under gastroscopy, the drug is sprayed out and flows to the lower part due to the influence of gravity, which wastes the drug and affects the therapeutic effect.

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The purpose of spray catheters is achieved through technical solutions. The spray catheter is designed with one or more tiny drug injection holes in the outlet of the original drug injection catheter without airbag or with airbag, which significantly reduces the total area of the outlet, so that the drug is injected from the injection port and sprayed out through the tiny drug injection holes, and is cut into a tiny mist and sprayed on the lesion and the corresponding The spray catheter can obviously reduce the particle size of the sprayed medicine, increase the absorption area of the medicine, so that the medicine is evenly distributed, and reduce the flow of the medicine to the low place by gravity, to improve the therapeutic effect, reduce side effects, save drugs and other effects.