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Use Method And Characteristics Of Endoscopic Injection Needles
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Use Method And Characteristics Of Endoscopic Injection Needles

Endoscopic injection needles can play a hemostatic role, refers to the use of endoscopy through a special endoscopic injection needles, drug injection on the hemorrhagic lesion or around the lesion, to achieve hemostasis or avoid re-bleeding methods, if injected with diluted adrenaline, sclerosing agents, alcohol, saline, etc., should also be used for hemorrhagic disorders from the esophagus to the rectum.

Use Method And Characteristics Of Endoscopic Injection Needles

It is characterized by simplicity and easy operation. The endoscopic injection needles are mainly composed of a cap, a pull rod, a handle joint and a guide. Different product models are selected according to the injection fluid and location. When in use, different needle tips should be selected according to the thickness of colonic mucosa and gastric mucosa. The colonic mucosa is thinner, so it is suitable to use endoscopic injection needles with smaller diameter and larger angle of needle tip.

The gastric mucosa is thicker, so it is suitable to choose endoscopic injection needles with smaller angle of needle tip for puncture. When in use, push the distal end of the endoscope into the proper position of the digestive system, through the working channel of the endoscope, insert the endoscopic injection needles can be seen.

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