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What is the endoscopic grasping forceps
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Endoscopic grasping forceps is a hand-held hinged instrument for grasping and holding objects. When the finger is too big to grasp small objects, or when the hand is used to perform tasks, it needs to hold many objects at the same time, it will use pliers. The term "pliers" is used almost exclusively in the medical field. In addition to drugs, people usually call pliers pliers, pliers, pliers, clamps or clamps.


What is the endoscopic grasping forceps


In mechanics, endoscopic grasping forceps use lever principle to grasp and exert pressure.  Endoscopic grasping forceps  are usually made of high-grade carbon steel to ensure their repeated sterilization in high temperature and pressure sterilizers. Some are made of other high quality stainless steel, chromium and vanadium alloys to ensure edge durability and rust-free. Low-quality steel pliers for other uses. Some disposable pliers are made of plastic. The invention of endoscopic grasping forceps was invented by Stephen Halls. It is also widely used in medical field.

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